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New Album 'Up for Air' - Summer 2017


We are tree machines


Indie pop rock band based in LA with wild melodies and rhythms that soar and conspire along with dynamics that range from a whisper to a freight-train.


Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards / Doug Wooldridge
Guitar, Keyboards, Bass / Patrick Aubry
Guitar, Bass, Keyboards / David Gentry
Drums, Keyboards, Guitar / Mike Giffin





For all its electronics and mechanics, ‘Weights and Stones’ is viciously human.
— Atwood Magazine
Los Angeles-based duo Tree Machines are a band you should get familiar with. With vocalist Doug Wooldridge leading the way, the clip looks like vintage L.A., you know, from the ‘80s like The Terminator. Oh, and the song rocks too.
— Purevolume
It’s some LA soul that indie pop needs.
— Popdust
Gleaming placidity reminiscent of Bon Iver, held steady over an abate, pulsing beat.
— Blackbook
Emotionally staggering.
— Diffuser
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